American Aerial Tree Experts can handle the tallest tree.Tree Removal

Tree removal is a very necessary part of arboriculture, one that we execute professionally. There are several different reasons why your tree may have to be removed: Dead, dying or up rooted trees can cause a hazard. Trees are also removed to make room for new construction and to allow more sunlight onto your property.  American Aerial Tree uses special equipment when removing a tree. Our log truck can reduce the amount of time spent on a job, which saves our customers money. We can safely cut down any tree.

Have a small yard or a tight space? We specialize in crane removals. Have a tree over a greenhouse? Call us for prompt and cost efficient service.

Professional Tree Pruning

American Aerial Tree Experts offers several different types of pruning.

  • Does your tree have dead and dying branches? If so. American Aerial Tree can bring new life to your tree by removing these branches for you. This helps maintain a healthy and safe tree.
  • Do your trees need to be “cleaned-up”? Thinning is another type of pruning. This is done when the crown of the tree is too dense. Problem branches such as rubbing, crossing & co-dominant leaders are removed.
  • Thinning helps reduce wind resistance, which can help prevent future storm damage from occurring. This type of pruning should be done every 5 years to help maintain a healthy tree.

Do you need more sunlight on your lawn?

American Aerial Tree can elevate your tree by removing the lower branches. Protect your home, playgrounds and other structures by having American Aerial Tree prune your tree. We will remove harmful overhanging branches.

Storm Pruning

Were your trees damaged from a recent storm? Storm pruning is critical after your trees are damaged in order to prevent bodily injury & further property damage from occurring. Our experts will remove limbs that were damaged during the storm, creating a safer environment. We will work with you to evaluate your trees and determine what type of pruning should be done.

Call today to have American Aerial Tree come to your home: 585-259-8733.

24 Hour Storm Service

American Aerial Tree Experts has a 24 hour emergency response team. Call 585-259-8733 if you have a tree related emergency.

Stump Grinding

American Aerial Tree is a full service tree company. Once your tree is removed, we can grind your stump for you. Tree stump wood chips can be left for you to use as mulch, or we can remove them for an extra charge.